Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birra Del Borgo's 'Leo' is almost here in Darlo...

As some of you already know, here at The Local Taphouse we've been known to spice things up a little and we're about to do that now so get your Diary out. 

Below we have copied a blog we sent out a week ago regarding this Monday's 'Meet the Brewer'. Although this event has been very successful in the past we decided to switch it up slightly... 

Arrive for 7pm sharp, we have made all of the BdB beers available in a $20 paddle and here is the line up:

'Enkir' - Saison Pale Ale
'ReAle' "Extra" IPA
'My Antonia' - Imperial Pilsner
'Keto' "Reporter" - Porter
'Old Antonia' (Barrel aged)
'10 e lode' 

But before you get stuck into these beers please allow us to offer you a free 'ReAle' "Extra" IPA from 1933 (the 1st level bar)...

Then head to the Louvre where Leo will be talking about these sensational beers as we try each of them. There will be time for Q&A and more casual drinking. 

This is a free event, the perfect way to chill on a Monday night! 

Original blog: 

In 2005 the Italian village of Borgorose in the Rieti province would see the birth of craft beer like never before "Birra del Borgo"

Since then the Brewery has done so well that founder Leonardo Di Vincenzo has had to move to a bigger and better location. 

Leo was originally inspired by the English and Belgian technique of brewing craft beer, then using his PhD in biochemistry and passion for his Italian Heritage he created his own style. The result of this has landed Birra del Borgo on the international map. He has now worked with some well know names like Dogfish Brewery & more. 

Leo has recently left the Mediterranean coast of Italy and is joining us down under for a brief tour.
So on Monday February 18th join us here in 'The Louvre' (first floor) at The Local Taphouse from 7pm for our next instalment of 'Meet the Brewer'  

We will have a range of tap and bottled 'Birra del Borgo' beers available and Leo will be here to give us an insight into his methods, techniques and plans. 

There is no cost for this event, we are simply messengers in the world of craft beer.


  1. Please make it clear that this is in Sydney. And, by the way, why is Melbourne missing out?

  2. Hey Anon, the headline has been updated.. He's not appearing in St Kilda as we were told he wasn't coming to Melbourne.