Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Darlinghurst debuted Whisky In Wilfreds

Sydney has seen somewhat of a whisky renaissance over the last year or two lead by small bars like Baxter's Inn, Road House (Byron) and a few others that we're sure are in the fold and we thought we'd get us some of that sweet sweet whisky action so to kick it off we held our very first 'Whisky in Wilfreds' tasting night on Thursday hosted by David 'Fish' Fisher from Baxter's Inn. 
While our new whisky list isn't exclusively a Scotch list, we stuck to the scotch for the night with Fish taking us on a whisky tour all around Scotland.
First up was the Arran 12yo Cask strength, a great one to start with due to its lighter and sweeter flavour (despite its high strength). After that, we moved onto the Mortlach 15yo, the base whisky for Johnnie Walker Black and Blue. This one was also on the light side, with a complex and rich flavour. Aberlour A'bunadh Cask strength was next, and at 59% it was a big one with earthy and caramel flavours. 
After that we got into some of the peated whiskys, starting with the Caol Ila 1998, which was a massive peat bomb, huge and smokey!!
Finally, we got onto the Lagavulin 16yo, the crowd favourite, which struck a really nice balance between peat smoke and some lighter sweeter flavours.

Cosidering this was the first Whisky in Wilfreds, we had an amazing sellout crowd that were full of questions, red noses and enthusiasm and we hope that continues as we showcase the remaining 15 new whiskies that adorn our Main Bar walls.

The Local Taphouse is sending a big thanks to Fish and everyone who came! It was a super enjoyable and informative night.
So stayed tuned for more info to come regarding the next Whisky night coming soon.
(The Local Taphouse whisky list attached below)
($25 per paddle of 5 whiskies of your choice)

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