Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Scandinavian Beers have arrived in Darlinghurst!!

So, the eagerly anticipated Scandinavian Tap Showcase lineup is finally here. Although this is the line up, due to some rough seas some of the Viking long boats have been delayed and more liquid gold is on it's way but for now, this is what we have...

Evil Twin 'Kiwi Pils' - Imperial Pilsner 
Beer Here 'Dead Cat' - Amber Ale
Electric Nurse 'Lindy Hop' - Amber Ale
Dugges 'Idjit' - Imperial Porter 
Evil Twin 'Wet Dream' - Coffee Brown Ale
Evil Twin 'Ryan & The Beaster Bunny' - Saison 

Pretty good line up ey? All of the Beers will be on tap from 6pm however as per usual the doors will be open from Midday so pop in early to grab yourself a good drinking spot. 

The Chef has come up with a traditional Viking menu, what it is you ask? Don't be silly, you'll have to wait and see!

It's going to be a great day but hold on, what's this? A special announcement from Beerista Scotty? 

"Today I have tapped the highly anticipated collaboration between Bridge Road Brewers & Nøgne Ø 'Aurora Borealis' (or Northern Lights). Finally, after a long Ocean voyage in Scottish Whiskey Barrels our taste buds are going to be tickled by this 'Ned Kelly'/'Viking marauder smokey fortified wine like Elixir. 
A drink to be sipped and savoured on this rainy day"

Well there you have it, a perfect way to start the weekend? We think so! 

If you have any questions or would like to book a table for you and your crew then email Dodgy Dom, he's got your back on 

See you all soon! 

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