Saturday, February 23, 2013

What happened at Darlo's 1st Brewshare of 2013?

On Tuesday 19th February we saw the first Brewshare of 2013 take place with home brewer Dave Gumm at the Helm. The theme on this occasion was anything with an Australian Hop in it. We had around 10 entries in the Aussie hop class and 4 in the open. Winner of the open class was Daniel with a cracking Rye IPA.

There were IPA’s, Wheat Beers, Lagers, Belgians and even a Californian Steam beer all made with Aussie hops. After a long time judging the Aussie Hop beers, there was a tie on one of the tasting tables, the final 2 beers were Bretts Rich Smooth Dark Wheat Beer and Michaels Belgian Golden Strong Ale that tasted as though it had been brewed in Belgium. Brett took home the $100.00 voucher for beer of the night.

The next Brewshare will be on Tuesday 28th May 7pm, and the style of the night will be Sour Beers.

If you think you have what it takes click this link, tickets are $20 and that includes nibbles too. 

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