Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The CHUCK NORRIS to Launch in Darlo

On the 10th March 1940 a deity was born. One whose physical prowess, cowboy hat and ginger beard were known to all and a man that neither god nor goddess could possibly hold down.
To celebrate this man, 73 years later - The Local Taphouse decided to mosey on down to Illawarra Brewing Co with one mission – To brew a beer in the style, colour and grace that no man could resist and thenceforth came “The Chuck Norris Red Ale” with the addition of the new hop varietal “Mosaic”

This collaboration ale is a beer born of genius, passion, and a love of all things Red. The malt bill is split between English and Australian Pale malts for it's foundation and then turns to the continent for the specialities. With German Carared, Carafa I, and Belgian Special B, the Chuck Norris displays a depth in malt body and palette that comes together like a roundhouse kick.
Mosaic is a new hop varietal from the American North West which displays all the wonderful characteristics that you could expect from the Yakima Valley with aromas of pine, citrus and tropical fruits with great bittering qualities to boot. When it hit the shores of Australia this summer it seemed the obvious choice so we got it in and started planning. 

Mosaic was added seven times throughout the brew and fermentation from the mash, first wort, kettle, and two dry hop additions to get the full breadth of what this hop had to offer.
The result is a beer with clean crisp bitterness, subtle pine and mellow malt body finishing with a tropical fruit pow pow PUNCH!

After some keg races, a BBQ bacon and egg breakfast and an open bar that included the full range of Illawarra’s crafty creations, the beer was born.
Style: Mosaic Single Hop American Red Ale
IBU: 33
ABV: 5.9%

The Local Taphouse Roof Garden
Wednesday 3rd April – 6pm-8pm
Entry to all, even if you’re small!
Free Autographs to be signed on the day…. By somebody
Twitter: #chuckdarlo
Like Chuck Norris counting to infinity-twice, you'll be left wanting your pint to never end*
(*oh yeah, and this beer only comes in Pint size! Because Chuck Norris doesn't do small)

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