Monday, April 8, 2013

Chuck delivers a Roundhouse kick to Darlo!

Last Wednesday saw the official release of the Illawarra Brewing Co./Local Taphouse collaboration beer, aptly named the "Chuck Norris Red Ale"; a) because it shares it's ginger colour with the famous action hero and b) because it delivers the biggest roundhouse kick to your taste buds, realigns your broken tonsils and BAM! kicks you again.
The beer itself is a carefully constructed blend of the new hop strain "Mosaic" and an assorted bag of malts including the German Carared, Carafa 1 and the Belgian Special B.
With some good ol' Western truckin' classics flowing over the sound system and the pint glasses well stocked the launch kicked off at 6pm and the taste anticipation was high as the complimentary Chucks poured over the bar for all to taste. With Delta Force 2 showing in the Louvre and Chuck himself signing autographs on the night, the atmosphere was as gripping as watching Bruce Lee pull Chuck's chest hair in Way of The Dragon.
As you can see from the photos, no hand was empty, no frown was upside down and no head went unlocked by Chuck!

The Local Taphouse would love to thank the brewers Dave McGrath, Shaun Blissett and Ashur Hall for making this beer such a special one and all of the people that attended the launch all walked away knowing that something unique was created that day -
 (oh yeah, and they also had a dance till close and travelled back home with hefty hangovers...) 

Stay tuned for more in the "Action Hero" series

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