Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Darlo "Sticks 'em with the pointy end" - SUMMER IS HERE!!

On Sunday 29th September we held our first ever Cider Makeover on the roof terrace and it was an incredible day marked with hay bales, 27 degree sunshine and 10 ciders from 5 of the best cider producers in the country.
7:30am in the morning and "Winston" the free-range Black Berkshire suckling pig from Byron Bay gave himself up and we begun a spit roast that Darlinghurst would never forget. 

As our game-Chef Adam Lannister Hutton watched over him, he was braised lusciously with a saucy blend of ciders and the pork was then served on a fresh sour-dough baguette and served with an apple, red cabbage and celeriac r√©moulade , topped off with a house-made 'best of odds' BBQ sauce made by Scotty Stark Stirling. To appease our vegetarian friends, we made BBQ Hoisin vegetarian skewers & jerk-spiced Haloumi skewers. 
To round off the afternoon we were serving a Tyrion Lannister mini-cheese board provided by Formaggi Ocello
Music of the day was provided by The Little Bastards, fresh off a national tour with The Beards and they were a cracka. Dressed part op-shop hipster/part "dad at xmas" and they sure do know how to get a shindig going at full stomp! 

Batlow, Willie-Smiths, Napoleon, Sunshack & the Hills Cider Co. provided the beverages on the day and The Local would love to thank all of the staff that worked super hard to make it such a great introduction to Sundays on the roof terrace.

We're sure to see you soon... 

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