Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ale Stars 2nd Meeting - Report

Our second Ale Stars meeting was held on Tuesday, August 19th with Shandy talking us through this month's beer style - Stouts. We tasted Guinness Draught, Coopers Best Extra Stout, Red Hill Imperial Stout, and Youngs Double Chocolate - all great examples of the style.

Our special guest for the night was David Golding - Head Brewer from Red Hill Brewery - who chatted with us all about his brewery, beers, and all things stout. He also brought along some malts that he uses for his award winning stout which were tasty to munch on in between courses. A big thanks to Dave for making the trip - we certainly hope he keeps his great beers coming (the Weizenbock is going down a treat on one of our showcase taps right now).

We almost doubled the turnout from the first meeting and there already appears to be a great community feel to the Ale Stars. Stay tuned for details of next month's get together.


  1. A good night it was, too. Red Hill's was spot on!

    Looking forward to the next one - what style is it going to be?

  2. Hmmm... could always steal the Molson handshake for Ale Stars....

  3. Hey Reeksy, next Session is on Sept 16 and we're going to explore German 'celebration' lagers! You can book now.

  4. Very funny handshake clip Katja. I'll have to post it!!

  5. In case you haven't been informed yet reeksy we're coverin VMO. That is to say Vienna, Marzen, Oktoberfest. Timely and appropriate as we try to be. A few hic-ups along the way with supply issues but we're pulling out some belters none the less. Looking forward to this one a lot.