Saturday, August 16, 2008

Normandy drinks and Red Hill Weizenbock Sells Out in less 2 hours

Last night, Shandy and I dropped in to wish Jeff luck with his new Normandy Ale House venture in Clifton Hill. It is a big place with three areas so it certainly has the potential to bring in the masses. I suspect there's been a strong Carlton Draught culture previously so it'll be a challenge (as it is for all of us!).

Also, read here this afternoon that Red Hill's Weizenbock was released today at the brewery at 11am and sold out by 12.30pm. Our Ale Stars sponsor, Cloudwine, will surely get some but they're very clever those guys @ RH in creating good product and good hype.

We have a single keg which will be tapped probably today and I've heard good reports.. I'll send out an SMS Beer Bulletin.

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