Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ale Stars 3rd Meeting

Our third monthly get together was held on Tuesday with the beer style being a prelude to the upcoming Oktoberfest celebrations.

We tasted German 'celebration beers'. In particular, Samuel Adams Boston Lager (a multi award winning Vienna Lager from the states), Weinstephan Festbier (from the oldest brewery in the world, a traditional festival beer brewed in March to be in peak condition in time for Oktoberfest), Erdinger Oktoberfest Weisbier (a festival hefeweizen), and probably the most interesting beer I've ever tasted - Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen (a smoked marzen from Bavarian brewery Heller Trum). This last beer had everyone talking due mainly to its incredible smoky character which was unlike anything many of us had tasted before.

Shandy was expecting this beer to polarise opinions but interestingly only one in the group disapproved - it goes to show Ale Stars are always on the search for bigger and bolder flavours as well as characteristics that really set a beer apart from the pack.

Great to see so many familiar faces again - and even better to see those familiar face bringing along some new ones. We're looking forward to seeing you all again on October 21st for the farmhouse ales session.

As always, thanks to our generous sponsor, Cloudwine, which is THE place to buy your speciality beers. Or try their online shop!


  1. WISH I could have been there for it! Sounds like some fantastic beers tasted and such great timing too! Have you got any of the Rauchbier left?

  2. We're ordering some next week so hopefully we'll have some v soon Greenman.

  3. Also worth mentioning that all the beers sampled at an Ale Stars meetings are available from the Cloudwine stores. Mention the Ale Stars when you shop there and they'll be extra nice to you :)

  4. mmmmm...Rauchbier - Definitely my beer of the week (out of about 15 types I think), followed by Biere du Garde. Couldn't resist buying some more Rauchbier.

  5. This has nothing to do with the Ale Stars meeting, but ever thought about getting some Otway Estate beer on a showcase tap? Maybe the Farmhouse Ale, Wheat, or Reserve De Otway??

  6. Hey Katja,

    We've already had an Otway Estate on tap (Belgian Strong Ale) and will absolutely get more on from time to time. Any personal faves?