Saturday, September 20, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Rogues Tasting Event on Nov 6

If anyone's in Melbourne on Thursday Nov 6 (2 days after Melbourne Cup Day), we will be giving punters an Australian exclusive - the first opportunity to try some of Rogue's Ales before they go on sale elsewhere. These beers come from Oregon in the American Northwest region and are considered some of America's finest craft beers. They will shortly be imported for the first time which is an exciting thing for beer drinkers in this country who haven't yet been exposed to the best American beers.

These are the beers we've decided on for the event:

1. Dead Guy Ale
2. Shakespeare Stout
3. Hazelnut Brown Nectar
4. Mocha Porter
5. Imperial I2PA
6. Brutal Bitter Ale
7. Juniper Pale Ale
8. Double Dead Guy Ale
9. American Amber Ale
10. Old Crustacean Barley Wine

To read more about these beers, check out the Rogue website or Beeradvocate for some reviews.

Disappointingly, Rogues aren't willing to give any promotional stock (boo!) but the distributor is going to give us a discount and the right to showcase these beers before anyone else in the country (yay!). $25 (TBC) will give you a sample of TEN beers! So we know how much beer to get, you will need to prebook and I will post a link to this shortly.

I don't know about you but I'm counting the days!


  1. Now I'm trying to put this event in my diary ... but "Computer says no" It's telling me that the 6th is a Thursday. Can you confirm it's Thursday or Tuesday?

    ... or can we do it both nights?



  2. Well spotted. It's actually on the Thursday (two days after Melbourne Cup Day)..