Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Emerald Hill Brewery Closed

Emerald Hill Brewery sadly closed last Friday for the last time (see below for Carl's notification.

Afternoon all,

Well, three years have passed since we took over 20 Ross Street and started building what is now known as Emerald Hill Brewery…. We’ve brewed, bottled, sold and drunk a lot of beer over the last couple of years…. We’ve served beers to our many loyal regulars every week, including Tony’s weekly 8 pints of Stout…. We’ve hosted parties for Gangsters and Pimps, Snow White and Scooby Doo, and managed to fend off one angry gorilla.... We received a signed cap from Cadel Evans after he enjoyed our Pale Ale during the off-season… We’ve had someone’s wife ring the brewery and ask for them to be sent home…. We’ve had over 500 pizzas delivered, as well as hundreds of meals from Thai Deli.... We’ve had hundreds of entertaining emails from Polish beer label collectors…. We’ve been interviewed by newspapers and TV, and I’ve been made to pose for some of the weirdest photos you can imagine….. We’ve won 5 medals at the Australian International Beer Awards, and our Pale even won the Australian Pale Ale category this year.

But to quote George Thorogood, it’s time for me to get a haircut and get a real job… so, before we close the doors, we’re going to open three more nights – Friday 19th September, Friday 26th September and the big finale on Friday 3rd October.

I thank you all for your patronage and your support over the past couple of years - we’ve relied on word of mouth to let people know we exist, and I am grateful for all of our loyal advocates out there. I look forward to having a beer with you all before we close the doors and head off on the next adventure. Thanks for the memories….

Carl Jacobson

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