Sunday, October 12, 2008

Summer SpecTAPular Beerfest Ideas & Other News

I'm starting to think about ideas for our next SpecTAPular Beerfest which will have a summer theme. It will probably be held around the Australia Day long weekend. Any ideas would be welcomed!

There's only a tiny bit of beer left over from last weekend which equates to a LOT of beer kegs having been drained in the past 8 days. I've ordered a few more kegs of the Paulaner Octoberfest and we got extra kegs from Colonial of their popular Kolsch.

And JJ's headed off to New Zealand this morning for a well deserved 10 day break. Swine!

Finally, work continues apace in Sydney. It could be a Jan opening but we're still trying for before Xmas..


  1. That Colonial Kolsch will be an awesome beer as a permanent tap over summer if they can keep up supply.
    Also seeings as Bright Porter is coming off maybe their Wit?
    I'd love to see some more beers from Mt Brewery on tap there. They FINALLY have some info on their website. The Hopfenweisse looks interesting.
    As for ideas for Summer SpecTAPular I think speedos and bikinis is a good choice for staff uniform...

  2. Colonial Kolsch will hopefully come back for a few months over summer. I've been trying to arrange it. I'll follow up with Ian @ MT to see what's possible..

    I'm not sure about the speedo idea but applaud the bikini one. It would hardly be fair though!