Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How about some fruit and nuts in, not with, your beer?

An article in today's Epicure (and written by Willie Simpson) talks about the use of fruits and nuts in beer, specifically mentioning Beechworth Chestnut Lager, Baron's Passionberry Porter and Bright Fruit Lambic. We've had the first two on tap already and I'm trying to secure the third on his recommendation (given I'd had to drive an 8 hour round trip to sample it at the brewery!).

You can read the full article here.

In other news, the Staircase Porter and Coopers Stout (and perhaps one of two others) will be taken off now the warmer months are a-coming. Their replacements are yet to be finalised but, as usual, I always welcome suggestions..


  1. As for your tap replacements, maybe check out the Trickster witbier from 2Brothers Brewery. Or possibly the pale ale or special bitter from Temple Brewing Company. That is if Temple are selling their beer in kegs, can't say I have seen it on tap anywhere.

  2. Cherries, or fruit syrup has been added for a second fermentation in beer. Aroma: The distinctive aromatics associated with the particular fruit(s) should be noticeable in the aroma; however, note that some fruit (e.g., raspberries, cherries) have stronger aromas and are more distinctive than others (e.g., blueberries, strawberries)?allow for a range of fruit character and intensity from subtle to aggressive. The fruit character should be pleasant and supportive, not artificial and inappropriately overpowering (considering the character of the fruit) nor should it have defects such as oxidation.

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