Friday, April 17, 2009

3 Nerds and a Beerby

Tonight, we had two lager drinkers and a converted ale drinker in from Bartender Mag and I caught them scoring all the taps (literally) one at a time.. and on the back of this photographed coaster.

For the record, here are their winners.

=1. Trumer and 3 Ravens Dark (Rauchbier)
=3. Fat Yak APA and Bridge Rd Bier de Garde
=4. Little Creatures Pale Ale
Mountain Goat Hightail
Leffe Blonde
Coopers Sparkling

Simon & Simon (the other person wasn't called Simon so wasn't allowed in the photo)

For the clevererer ones, their least favourite beer (if I can put it like that) was BLMWB!

(PS. I've been told to say that sessionability was an important factor when casting votes)


  1. Ticking in action! Prof. Pilsner take note....

  2. Wow these guys make Shandy just look vaguely interested.

    Trumer and 3 Raven's smoke beer? Could you get two more different styes of beer?

    ... both good, though!

  3. 3 friends and I did a similar thing last night with the tasting paddles in the Melbourne version.

    The bartenders must have secretly hated us though as during a busy period we set off an explosion of people buying the paddles as people hadn't any clue that they existed. (Your staff were great).

    For what it's worth, the Dogbolter Dunkel remains my fav in the style, and The Beast IPA is something else!

    We'll be at the spectapular (or whatever it's called) for sure.