Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Creatures Stimulus IPA coming to Taphouses

V soon (not quite sure when), Little Creatures' Stimulus IPA is coming to the Taphouses. Here's what Head Brewer Alex told me about it:
I am pretty pleased with the results. About 50BU, all cascade, real hop-sack sort of aroma. Actually so much cascade it doesn't actually smell like cascade, if that is possible? But great silky mouthfeel, good malt, and a bitterness that is a real creeper. The brewing team is stoked - given a bit of time to warm up slightly it tastes bloody great. Hope you guys enjoy it.

And here's what the marketing types said:
To make sure they keep themselves ultra busy, our crazy team of Brewers have
come out with a special one off beer.... and what have they done this time I hear you say???

Well, we can tell you it has been christened "The Stimulus IPA".

We're not to sure if this is what Kevin had in mind with his stimulus ideas, but we think this is just what we need at a time like this!

This little beauty is a combo of pale, munich and dark crystal malts to give it a touch of colour and backbone.

The new arrival of hops for the USA spurred on this latest project and are used the
whole way through the brewing of this batch. 100% US cascades... hops in the kettle, hops in the whirlpool, hops in the hopback and even some dry-hopping in the fermenter for good measure.

The brewers vote that it beats that other stimulus package going round, but we'll let you decide....all in all though we think it's a Ruddy Good Deal!

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