Friday, April 17, 2009

Final lineup for next Darlo Ale Stars in May

The lineup for the next Darlo Ale Stars on wheat beers is as follows:

1. Schofferhofer kristal
2. Weihenstephaner hefe
3. Weihenstephaner dunkel
4. Schneider Weisse hefe

If we get the kind of numbers as last time (or bigger), we'll probably move downstairs..

As normal, you need to book via the button on the top right of the blog. $25 include 3 beer samples and heaps of great pizza.

We get started at 7pm and it's on Tues May 5. Spread the word!


  1. Hey hey,

    You guys on Twitter? :)

    Might come down for the Ale night too...

    If you're there follow me

  2. Hey Gav,

    We can't keep up with all these trends - Facebook, Myspace, Twitter!!

    Maybe one day soon!