Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twitter Beer Nuts - Get in Quick!

As some of you may know, we're currently serving Red Hill's Hop Harvest in St Kilda.

Karen Golding (being a bit of a self confessed Tweeterholic) has arranged for a bit of a prize for the first person to say the magic word when ordering. So if you say:


when you order a drop of the magic stuff, you'll get your (regular size) beer for free. You'll also get a Red Hill goblet gift.

The only catch is that there's only one to be won so get in quick!


  1. "May I please have a Red Hill Hop Harvest ... please ...


    Does that count?

    Prof. Pilsner

  2. Can't believe I won this after that many days! Thanks (again) to the Local, to Red Hill and to the great crew at Ale Stars...

    Simon "Lucky" Kelly

  3. To right brother! Both Shandy and I grabbed a Hop Harvest as our starter before Ale tars and never thought to go the 'Hoporific' because we assumed that somebody must have snaffled it already! Maybe this Twatter thing isn't as powerful as we thought!? ;)

    Prof. Pilsner