Friday, June 12, 2009

4th July - Star Spangled SpecTAPular - Line Up Confirmed

OK, so lots of people have been asking me what the final line up is for the next installment of The Local's seasonal beer festival, the 'Star Spangled SpecTAPular' on 4th July.

So here goes....(drum roll please)....

From the famous and spectacular Rogue Ales, we have the following awesome beers for the first time on tap anywhere in Australia:

Dead Guy Ale (German Maibock)
Chocolate Stout (American Stout)
Saint Rogue Red (American Red Ale)
Hazelnut Brown Nectar (American Brown Ale)
XS: Imperial IPA (American / Double India Pale Ale)
XS: Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)

For anyone who wants to know a little more about Rogue Ales, it's worth checking out their web site. The About Us page is a great little story too.

And, for the Aussie beers that we've managed to squeeze into this somewhat looseley defined theme.....(another drum roll please)....

2 Brothers Voodoo, VIC
(Baltic Porter - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Arctic Fox Amber Lager, VIC
(American Amber Lager - 1st time on tap in NSW!)
Bootleg Brewery Epic 2IPA, WA
(American / Double India Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in VIC & NSW!)
Brewboys Brown Bomber, SA
(American Brown Ale - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Bridge Rd Candied Quince Saison, VIC
(Fruit Beer - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Colonial Brewing APA/IPA, WA
(American Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in NSW!)
Holgate Brewhouse Nut Brown Ale, VIC
(American Brown Ale - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Hunter Beer Co. Cranky Pants IPA, NSW
(India Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Moo Brew Pale Ale, TAS
(American Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in NSW & 2nd time in VIC!)
Mountain Goat Steam Ale, VIC
(Steam Ale / California Common - 1st time on tap in NSW!)
MT Brewery Yippy IPA, QLD
(India Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in VIC & NSW!)
Murray's Icon 2IPA, NSW
(American / Double India Pale Ale - back by popular demand!)
Red Duck Bengal IPA, VIC
(India Pale Ale - 1st time on tap in Oz!)
Two Meters Tall Cleansing Ale, TAS
(Real Ale / American Blonde Ale - 1st time on tap on the mainland!)

So there you have it peeps! I'm pretty excited about the line up packed full of sensational beers and plenty of exclusives. A couple are being brewed specifically in time for the event and don't officially have a name yet, so we're feeling pretty lucky. The line up is almost good enough to get Steve on a plane and back here to taste all the beers before they run out!

Looking forward to seeing you all at both Melbourne and Sydney for the next installment of the SpecTAPular series of beerfests....


  1. Amazing list of beers- excellant job done!
    Thanks to you guys American style IPA's are my new favourites at the mo.
    Can't wait for this!

  2. Yippee-I-aye Motherfucker!!

  3. You DO realise I will probably have to a special 8-part post review of this SpecTapular - that's if I am even able to remember how it went!

    Prof. Pilsner

  4. I think I'm looking forward to your review almost as much as the actual day Prof!

    I'm with you Greg, I'm loving this style at the moment...really warms the cockles. These and also all the great dark beers that are synonymous with winter...

  5. That shit is gonna rule!

    Can't wait!

  6. Do we need to buy tickets to this? I love Rogue beers and American IPAs

  7. Hi Amy. No need to buy tickets, just a gold coin donation toward a charity that we have yet to decide on. It would be a good idea to come early to make sure you get to taste them all. Any ideas on which charity Prof?

  8. Is the Taphouse in Sydney open on the Sunday as well for the US SpecTAPular?

  9. Hi beerguru, the SpecTAPular will only run on the Saturday
    (unfortunately), however, there may be some of the beers left over. Last event we sold out of around half the beers on the day and the rest over the next few.

  10. visited for first time on weekend .. impressed with selection ... being a big fan of American beers i look forward to trying the Rogue ales on 4 July .. if thinking of brionging more US beers , can i suggest these are worth a try .

    Pyramid Hefeweisen ( Seattle )
    Rock Bottom Wheat ( Microbrewery )

  11. I would highly recommend Stone Brewing Co from San Diego. San Diego is home to some of the best microbrew.