Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best beer bars of the world...

With Steve galavanting around the world as we speak its appropriate I came across a post on Beeraholix that lists one person's best beer bars of the world. Obviously he's yet to have a Taphouse experience.

Whilst Steve has probably been to all of them (and may indeed be sitting in one right now), I've been to none of them so this article is enough to make me want to pack my bags and escape Melbourne's winter. I like the sound of Burp Castle!

My only concern is in a list of best beer bars in the world there seems to be little representation of venues outside of the US.

Click here to view the list.


  1. When is Steve coming back to the 'real' world ? It's time for you guys turn to do the galavant round the world :p

  2. We'd love to hear about your favorite beer spots -- no one person can have the perfect list right?. Its pretty easy to create a guide on, and you can even embed the result on your blog.

  3. The list is very US centric- however I'm going to New York in October so it's good to have an insight AND i've been to the Taphouse (both st kilda and darlo) a few times now so i've got something to compare with.
    Howz the list for July 4th going?

  4. Bakusyu Club Popeye (#52) should definately be higher. Huge selection of beers (always rotating) that you won't get anyone else and very supportive of experimental and vintage ales. Amazing place.

  5. beer monster, brother GJune 12, 2009 at 3:40 PM

    The Half Pint, NYC is pretty cool. Delirium Tremens on tap is a very scary prospect. Come on TAP crew, let's outdo those American, piss swilling pussies!

  6. Just in NYC at the moment, and went to burp castle, a religious experience. Jimmy's bar next door is equally good. But i think that rattle and hum or 4th Avenue Bar In brooklyn take the cake. Missed out on getting to spuyten devil.