Friday, July 10, 2009

Champion Homebrewer's 'Alt Spice' Tapped!!

Ross Mitchell brewing his champion 'Alt Spice' at Mountain Goat

In October last year the first Australian National Homebrewers Conference (ANHC) was held at Ormond Hall in Melbourne. Those of you that attended will remember that it was a hugely successful conference that culminated in an awards dinner on the final night.

Steve and I were lucky enough to attend the dinner (along with Shandy and Ronin). The Local Taphouse organised for the winner of the Champion Homebrewer of the year to brew his award winning drop at the Mountain Goat brewery in Richmond.

The winner was Ross Mitchell and his winning brew was a Spiced Ale.

Steve, Ross Mitchell and I at last year's ANHC Award Dinner

Well after much planning, lots of brewing (and I'm sure plenty of sampling along the way) the beer is finally here! It's just been tapped at both venues, and it's delicious!! It'll be on tap until it runs out so hurry in to try some.

The 'Alt Spice' is spiced with 4 different spices including Vanilla, Nutmeg, Ginger and a healthy amount of Star Anise which is probably the most pronounced of the spices. This beer is great because it's so different to everything else out there. It's not overwhelmingly spiced but instead is well balanced with the use Maris Otter and a little Chocolate malt to give it a full-bodied mouthfeel as well as a great roundness and finish. It's subtelly hopped with Perle hops, just enough to give a nice hint of bitterness. I think it's a very cleverly put together beer and I feel like I could sit on on it for a while which I am rather surprised about.

I think it's so awesome to see the circle complete: From Home Brewer to Craft Brewer to Craft Beer Venue and finally to Craft Beer Lover! Then I guess the Craft Beer Lover can start home brewing and it's complete!

Anyway, this Craft Beer Lover is really happy to have the Alt Spice on tap and would like to say thanks to Ross Mitchell for his efforts as well as to Mountain Goat for making it all possible. Well done guys!!

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  1. It is quite a nice drop. Top job to all involved!