Friday, November 27, 2009

Have we created a monster?! Darlo BrewShare gets off the mark

Last night a large bunch of like-minded homebrew-loving folk gathered around a table in Wilfred's Room in Darlo for the inaugural Darlo BrewShare. From newbie home brewers to the more experienced (and even a handful of ladies - thankfully!), everyone seemed keen to learn, share and sample other people's homebrews.

There were 16 or 17 homebrews brought along so we created 2 equal groups of beers and punters who set about tasting, discussing and scoring the 8 or so beers. After 90 minutes, each group was required to present its top two beers (so we were now down to the top four). After that, each group sampled the other's top two and then did a secret individual vote for their public choice beer. After tallying up the votes, it was so close between 1st and 2nd that we needed to go to three decimal points! Anyway, Mike won with his tasty Artisanal Belgian Blonde followed very closely by Jason's ESB and Jack and Dugal McIntyre's English IPA.

Long after the formalities had ended, people were still gathered shooting the breeze and talking up the beers and future BrewShares. It was bloody awesome to see so many people turn up for the first Darlo BrewShare and I reckon most (all?) will be back again and this night has already outgrown Wilfred's. Thanks to everyone who attended and for your great feedback. We were hoping a night for homebrewers would find an audience but we never expected this.

Thanks to Dave from Dave's Home Brew for his fantastic prize of a $100 voucher. Shop nowhere else in Sydney!

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  1. dudes - that looks mad! I'm going to have to get my brew kits out and active again.

    keep up the good work! As always, enjoy.