Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BrewShare nights - how they work

A few people have asked for clarity about how the BrewShare nights work. While we still may tweak the night as they develop, here's the lowdown:

  • Held each quarter on a Tuesday night, BrewShare nights are about homebrewers bringing their own home brew to barter and socialise with their peers.

  • You can brew either the Style of the Night (announced at least two months in advance) OR there is an Open Class. You cannot submit a brew in both classes.

  • There will be a points winner in both classes but there can only be one People's Choice Best Beer (and this can come from either class). Best newbie brewer will also get a slap on the back!!

  • If there are more than 10 homebrews, beers and punters will be divided into 2 groups for tasting, discussion and scoring. After 90 minutes, each group is required to present its top two beers (so we were now down to the top four). After that, each group samples the other's top two and then complete a secret individual vote for their Public Choice Beer.

  • Anything goes - bottles or kegs but bring your own beer in an esky to keep it cool though.

  • You need to bring at least 3 litres of beer.

  • There is a $100 worth of vouchers to be won at BrewShare, thanks to the generous support of Grain & Grape in Melbourne and Dave’s Home Brew in Sydney. What beer gets what prize is still being tweaked although People's Choice Best Beer always gets something.

  • There will be a points winner in both classes but there can only be one People's Choice Best Beer and this can come from either class. So as minimise vote influencing(!), The Taphouse (and/or special guests) make up 30% of the People's Choice Best Beer vote.

  • The cost of the night is $10, all of which goes towards pizzas (to help soak all the beers). The cancellation policy is that you can only receive a refund if you cancel more than 24 hours before the event start time.

  • You must prepay by using the appropriate button in the left hand column of this blog.

  • All homebrewers attending will be emailed a questionnaire (after booking is confirmed) about their beers before the event. These are then handed out at the BrewShare..

  • A minimum 5 home-brewers must pre-book for the event to go ahead.

  • Non home-brewers who may like to attend, taste some homebrew and socialise may do so must still prebook and pay.

  • Night officially starts at 7pm but you must be ready to go with your beers so we strongly encourage you to come earlier!

    Have I left anything out?? Post a comment below..

    Here are photos from the first BrewShare in Darlo.. Just press PLAY and wait for slideshow to begin.


    1. Hey Guys, thanks for your effort in making this happen..

      Great Beer and Great Pizza!!

    2. I'm definitely in for the next one!

    3. Good to hear how it all goes down. I reckon I'm ready to brave public criticism for the next one