Tuesday, February 2, 2010

May I introduce you to the person who we have to thank (kinda) for The Local Taphouses

When I was in LA recently, I met up with my former landlady, Kathleen (pictured with me above). Now if it wasn't for Kathleeen, the Taphouses would probably never have happened as she introduced me to a local bar (Father's Office) in Santa Monica near to where we lived. Father's Office was probably the original craft beer bar in LA and it became a regular haunt where I got to taste so many great beers and learn a little about the craft scene.

So, anyway, if it wasn't for this lady, I could still be a documentary filmmaker who was blindly loyal to Carlton Draught.. and the Taphouses wouldn't exist.

Cheers Kathleen!


  1. I love the burgers at The Local. But that burger at Father's Office... that is THE burger.

  2. I agree it is an excellent burger at FO but we do give it a v good run for its money!

  3. Walked from Redfern to Waterloo to Surry Hills to The Local, only to realize I hadn't checked the time. Can't wait to come check it out for myself and share your craft with the guys back on 30th Street in North Park.

  4. Is that North Park, San Diego??

    Hope you can get back soon..