Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Darlo Brewshare 9 February

A huge turnout of 30 homebrewers for our second Darlo Brewshare last night meant we held the event in the downstairs bar for the first time. The chosen style was American Pale Ales and we had 14 entrants as well as 5 various other styles in the Open Class.

The beers were separated into two groups and the APA's were judged together with the open class. In a closely fought contest with a couple of countbacks the Peoples Choice Award and overall winner on the night was to Jon Setlins Citra APA.

Big thanks again to Dave from Dave's Home Brew (go say hello!) was along again as our sponsor for the night - shown at top sampling the winning beer.

The date set for our next Brewshare is Tuesday 18th May with the chosen styles being Stouts/Porters. A few Open Class beers (judged separately)will also be accepted so get these applications in early.

The button to book will be put up shortly in the left hand margin and you will have to fill in the questionnaire to submit yout beer.

For the newbies, here's how BrewShare works.


  1. Awesome night! Keep it up! maybe after judging has finished we could to a 'pizza for beer' type deal, where regular non-brewing punters can buy a pizza for the homebrewers in exchange for a few free samples.

  2. Good idea but I'd like to keep that informal.. it could be beer or pizza they could buy you..

  3. Thanks for a great night, all! A few of us were having a chat on Tuesday acknowledging how little we knew about some of the beer styles, particularly the more obscure (Flanders Red...)

    Not sure if it's possible, but I think it'd be great if there were some commercial examples to compare to on the evening for those who want to purchase (ie. for May, to have some Stouts/Porters on tap). If that includes a few particularly 'true-to-style' examples (ie. per the BJCP guidelines), or a few of the more obscure sub-styles (ie. Baltic Porter), so much the better.

    I'd also be keen to get the BrewShare line-up in advance (even if it's only a day or two), to form a better impression of what each of the beers will taste like. There's nothing like anticipation to enhance the taste of a beer!

    Completely unrelated note (and you don't need to publish this!), but I really like what the Taphouse is up to, and would love to join staff (very forward, sorry!). I've got a NSW RSA certificate, bar experience, solid and improving beer knowledge, and more enthusiasm than you can put a lid on. I'm studying for the next two years, so am available nights and weekends. Consider it a standing offer!


    - Jill the Brewer | 0403 996 057 |