Monday, February 8, 2010

Darlo's first Ale Star Road Trip - register your interest!

As a thankyou to AG for his tenure as Ale Star tsar, we thought a road trip to Five Islands Brewery in Wollongong was in order. The planned date is Sunday 21st March and we're still working out the transports plans and cost (for lunch, bus, beer etc).

Everyone is encouraged to bring friends, partners etc. Please register your interest by commenting below.

The first Ale Star road trip (in Melbourne) was so much fun. You can see what we got up in the slide show below.


  1. Trip for beer in the Gong sounds good

  2. D13 Reporting for duty. :)
    I can think of at least 2 hangers on (my girlfriend and Brendan who's not a member!)

  3. Louisa and Sammy T will be there!?!