Friday, February 5, 2010

Darlo Ale Star session report on Wild Ales

Here are some photos from last Tuesday's fantastic Ale Star session in Darlo. Sadly it was the final swansong for our host AG from Five Island Brewery. AG has been the host with the most for Darlo Ale Stars since their inception. Big thanks to him . To send him off we managed to find his Ale Stars shirt!

Ale Stars was held in the downstairs bar for the first time and it proved to be a winner. Much more relaxed feel with lounges and bigger numbers.

Trivia was a tie with Team Lusitania going down in a tie breaker.

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  1. Awesome idea on the road trip. Can put my name down plus 1. Ale Stars was a great night and the spectapular was great as well, I'm spewing my mother had her 60th on the same night.