Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ANZAC SpecTAPular - St Kilda, April 25th

Just when you thought our SpecTAPular beerfest's couldn't get any bigger, they did!

An absolutely massive crowd rocked in on Sunday to watch the footy, play two up, do some trivia and try what was an amazing lineup of beers.

10 of Australia's finest brews stood side by side with some mouthwatering examples from across the ditch. The jury is still out but there was a firm whisper the Kiwi's may have led the way this time. One highlight for us here was the fact that we got our hands on some cask ales and after Ben knocked up some racks to serve them from we were away and racing with handcrafted real ale pouring through a gravity fed tap on the bar. It certainly helped that the beer had travelled well from Twisted Hop Brewpub in Christchurch, New Zealand and tasted delicious.

By 2pm the place was almost full and stayed that way all day. Punters were sampling the beers to begin with and then settling in for a few of their favourites, having a bite to eat and for some, heading downstairs to carve up the dancefloor.

A big thanks to Rich and the boys in the kitchen for the brilliant food. Thanks also to Janet for the trivia, Peter for the band, and all the staff who worked so hard to make the day such a great success.

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  1. Just a quick compliment to the staff at the Darlo bar on Anzac day- service with a smile at my local (summer hill hotel) doesn't happen but your staff did and it makes for a nice change- esp, given how busy it was- cheers