Wednesday, May 19, 2010

40 peeps turn up to Darlo BrewShare. Holy Crap What Fun!

What a night! There was a crowd of 46 booked into the Porters/Stout winter installment of Darlo BrewShare last night. The event sponsor, Dave Gumm, from Dave's Home Brew was fired up and all contestants arrived despite torrential rain and local flooding - you can't keep a good Home Brewer down!

We had 27 beers entered - 22 porters/stouts with 5 open class beers - 2 x Saison, Ipa, Irish Ale and an ESB. There were 19 keen onlookers who gathered vital brewing tips for our next event.

The guests were split into three groups and competition was fierce, the only thing breaking up the seriousness of the competition was a couple of the 10% abv stouts. Just ask our visiting American!

One beer was selected from each of the three groups and then a fourth from the open class to make the final round of judging. The finalists were

- Andy Gaul's Russian Imperial Stout
- Graham/Kelly Eyres' Sweet Porter
- Anthony Mills' Coco Coconut Stout
- Sam Fletcher's IPA.

The final judging pair of Dave and Jordan were then given the four beers in a blind taste test - to assure the accountants from Price Waterhouse wouldn't be needed to guarantee anonymity in verifying results.

The overall winner of the $100 voucher to Daves Home Brew Shop was Graham and Kelly's Sweet Porter with an honourable mention to Sam's IPA. Dave also gave the three finalists vouchers for White Labs yeast.

Thanks heaps to everyone for a huge turnout and of course to Dave.

Our next event is 7pm on Tuesday 24 August and the popular vote for the brewing style was IPA's. For more information about how BrewShare works, click here.


  1. Thanks for having us it was a great night, was a great vibe and everyone seemed to be having a fantastic time.

    Put a brief run down on some of the brews I tried (and managed to get the sheets for)
    up here.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for an awesome night and for the mention in the post. I would, however, like to stress that the IPA I submitted was not "mine" but was a collaborative effort and wouldn't exist without the recipe-creating genius of my brother Jez or the efforts of our friend Rich. Hopefully all three of us are able to be there for the next one! - Sam