Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sneaky kegs of the new White Rabbit White Ale due imminently

We've been sent a few sneaky kegs of the new White Rabbit White Ale. The only place in Melbourne that has had it is, of course, Little Creatures Dining Hall (LC owns White Rabbit or part of it) and it's a bit of a test beer.

I haven't tasted it yet but have heard good things. It's apparently a real labor of love for brewing vistionary Phil Sexton.

It will appear on tap in St Kilda and Darlo within days..


  1. Its made it to Dans a cloudy light ale with quite impressive zestiness with fruity/grassy hop nose - sour lime linger...interesting.

    Cheers Rawpunk

  2. White Rabbit white ale is an excellent beer ... those who enjoy wheat beers, Hef's and Coopers beers will enjoy it ... I particularly like its easy drinking nature .. many of the Hef's and wheat can tend to be a little heavy on the cloves which for me make it interesting as a one off taste, though not a beer to have a session on ... i hope white ale grows .. get into it and support the small breweries ....