Friday, June 18, 2010

"Geek Update" - Mountain Goat/Homebrewer of the Year collaborative brew

Here's one for the beer geeks: an update on the collaboration beer of Mountain Goat and the Australian homebrewers of the year (see previous post).
G'day All,

The TC Kolsch is nearly done fermenting. It's down to 3.01˚P today having moved from 4.56˚ yesterday. So she's slowing. I think it'll finish in the mid 2˚'s. We've had to warm the tank a little in these cold winter nights so we get up to 17/8˚c for our diacetyl rest. It's tasting nice, a little sulfury at the moment which is to be expected, but shows some nice clean German hop character.

We'll probably chill it on Sunday/Monday after it's actually finished and ungergone its rest. Then we'll move it to the storage tank for as long as we can. We'll look to keg it as close to the Ale Stars night down at the Taphouse as we can. So that should be close to 4 weeks cold.

Dave Bonighton
Co-founder, Chief Brewer

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