Saturday, June 26, 2010

St Kilda Ale Star members photo - The Class of 2010

Just before the 2nd Birthday Ale Star session on Tuesday July 20 we would like to take a group photo of as many of the annual Ale Star members as possible (before the first year is up for many members).

We’d like all 47 members listed below (except Briony, who’s sadly in Scotland these days) in the photo so please come along at 6.45pm SHARP to be included the photo! It will all be finished by 7pm so don’t be late.. Oh, and don’t forget your shirt. You MUST have to have your shirt on to be in the photo!!

1 Steve
1 Guy
S1 Shandy
S2 Justin
S3 James
S4 Ben
S5 Mark J
S6 Steve R
S7 Kerrie-Anne
S8 Tony
S9 Pete B
S10 Davo
S11 Simon
S12 Dan
S13 Papa B
S14 Allison
S15 Satan
S16 A.B.
S17 Prof. Pilsner
S18 Strawny (Fosby)
S19 Gemma
S20 Brendan
S21 Preacher
S22 Ben
S23 Fez
S24 Jason
S25 Bron
S26 H
S27 kelv (FOSBY)
S28 Briony
S29 Anton
S30 Jo
S31 Matt
S32 Alpine Star
S33 Justin-Paul
S34 Rod
S35 Peter
S36 Cherie
S37 Peter
S38 Mel
S39 Marc
S40 Jen
S41 Gem
S42 Greg
S43 Katie
S44 Benj

Due to rising costs, individual Ale Star sessions will cost $35 from the August session. Annual membership (and renewal) will, however, remain at $300 a year - a saving of almost 30% in value!