Friday, June 25, 2010

St Kilda Weekly food specials...

Chicken and chorizo stew with True South Wee Jimmy Scotch Ale and Tomato.

True South Wee Jimmy Scotch Ale works very well to create a rich sauce with the oils from the traditional Spanish chorizos. To complete the sauce, we sweetened it with fresh ripe tomatoes that make a thick chunky sauce that is perfect to wipe clean with a bit of ciabatta.

Braised lamb shoulder rillettes with anchovies, herbs and Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale white beans.

By rolling the lamb shoulder with aromatic herbs and spices then braising it for 6 hours we get flavor through the entirety of the meat and make it soft enough to melt in your mouth. We then roll and set it overnight to hold the shape. With the anchovies and herbs this otherwise overpowering dish becomes earthier and fresher. Accompanied with white haricot beans cooked in Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale, this balanced dish is perfect for the current weather.

Potato gnocchi with confit duck, mushroom, pine nuts & Trumer Pils ragout

Homemade potato gnocchi is the perfect vessel for a ragout. Confit duck, mushrooms, pine nuts & truffle oil are a match made in heaven. The fatty duck adds richness to the dish, whilst the mushrooms add the cool freshness found in the juices within. Pine nuts bring texture and toasty flavor & truffle oil delivers longevity through the dish. to bring all these flavors together we emulsify with Trumer Pils!

Welsh rarebit on Stone & Wood Stone Beer bread with pickled onion, baby beet, horseradish and frisee

With our homemade Stone & Wood Stone Beer bread we bring to you a traditional Welsh dish with a modern take. Made with matured cheddar cheese sauce and the thick bread, we then lighten the whole thing up and cut it

with the pickled onions and horseradish, whilst adding a bit of bitter sweetness with the baby beets and frisee.

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