Saturday, July 24, 2010

From the kitchen - St Kilda's Weekly Specials

Meantime India Pale Ale braised wild rabbit with mushrooms, fennel and pancetta
Inspired by the season, we chose all the ingredients of this dish. Hearty and pungent, this dish is perfectly complimented by the Meantime India Pale Ale. Stewed for hours, the wild rabbit releases all the gamy flavours characteristic to it. To add some softness we put through mushrooms and white beans. Perfect to eat with some crusty bread, this dish is perfect for winter weather.

Quail a la Rioja, made with chorizo, roast peppers, peas & Mountain Goat Double IPA
This provincial style of cooking is generally made with chicken. With quail however, the flavours are much more intense and is a perfect match for the Mountain Goat Double IPA. In this recipe, we’ve chosen to make a light quail stock to add to the chorizo; peppers etc. then reduced it with the beer, to create a great accompaniment for the separately roasted quail.

Vegetarian stroganoff made with mushrooms & Mountain Goat Two Champs Kolsch and served with potato mash & truffle Oil
Traditionally made with beef, this dish usually starts with copious amounts of onion to create almost an onion soup. Whilst lightly caramelising the onions, we added the Kolsch to obtain the delicate hop aromas distinctive with this beer. After adding very generous amounts of field mushrooms we finish with cream and reduce to the right thickness and fusion of flavours. To top it all off we serve this dish with truffle oil to bring more out of this dish on the back palate.

Black Angus porterhouse served with potato & prawn gratin and Leffe Blonde, creamed leek & horseradish sauce
A modern take on surf & turf, we cut this beautifully marbled beef steak into generous portions, with just the right amount of fat left to keep the steak juicy. The gratin is made with sweet & Desiree potatoes and a delicate prawn mousse folded through. The texture of the golden brown gratin, work perfectly with this meat. This is all brought together by creamed leek, Leffe blonde and Horseradish sauce to deliver complexity, and most of all, satisfaction.


  1. Richard, put me down for a Porterhouse, med rare. You deliver don't you?

  2. good choice! the closest I can do to a home delivery is give you the recipe.