Saturday, July 31, 2010

A man walks into a bar...

Last night in Darlo a guy came up to the bar and asked Luke what he would recommend from the menu board. Luke responded that he liked the newly tapped Hawthorn Pale Ale. The guy then took his drinks and moved into the bar.

He came back later and asked Chris what he liked. Chris said he was having Hawthorn Pale Ale as his knock off as it was new, from Melbourne and, in his opinion, gave Little Creatures a run. The guy took his drinks off into the bar.

Finally, he came back, asked for the manager and introduces himself to Paul... as Peter from Hawthorn Brewing. Too funny!

Needless to say a very happy Hawthorn Brewing Co. man left the bar.

NB: The guy in the photo is not the Hawthorn Brewing Co. man and the bar is not The Local Taphouse Darlo...


  1. What a really cool anecdote.

  2. Gday fellas, thanks for a great night and we appreciate the feedback. You guys have got a great bar up there. Will definetly be back next time I'm up "North". Cheers, Pete from Hawthorn Brewing Co.