Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Release Beer from Bridge Road

Here's some of Ben Kraus' (Head Brewer at Bridge Road) missive this morning about their new small-batch beer which you will find on tap at the Taphouses..

While you and I have been sleeping in longer than necessary, to escape winter mornings, the brew staff have been regularly braving Beechworths sub zero temps to bring you some new brews.

Nardia's Virgin Bridge Road Brew: MEGACHILE PLUTO BRAGGOT.

Although Nardia has been pumping out the regular Bridge Road Brews for some time now, she has finally been given the chance to create something of her own. Being the complex lady that she is Nardia decided to break new ground and the budget to create a beer not often seen since the middle ages.

A Braggot is a hybrid beer and mead beverage that gets a good deal of its influence from honey. Apparently it was in vogue in the middle ages. I wasn't around then so I dare not comment on what Braggot used to taste like.

This beer is BIG, just like the worlds largest bee species after which the beer is named. Weighing in at 10% ABV it is one that should be savoured slowly on winter nights. We have found it really shows its complexity and character when served at 16C or warmer.

The Braggot has a beautiful red colour, and a nose of honey, owing to the 85kg of Red Stringy Bark Honey from Beechworth Honey. The pallet is an awesome array of spices, nutmeg and cinnamon, honey and full caramel malts. The hops in the Braggot hit right at the end and remind you that this is a beer and not a mead.

Look out for a review of this brew in Tuesday Age Epicure.

Coming up is Bridge Road is the all-new anniversary ale to be revealed.


  1. Cool, when is it coming up to Darlo?

  2. It's in the coolroom and will be on tap when a tap is free. Keep an eye on the website and twitter..

  3. Hi, does the Sydney website still get updated?

  4. It's supposed to. I will follow up!