Monday, August 2, 2010

What a feast at the St Kilda Winter Beer & Food Feast!

Well it's taken a few days but I think I have finally digested everything I ate on Wednesday night at our first Winter Beer & Food Feast.

Head Chef Richard Smith put on a spread of epic proportions as we indulged in a medieval style banquet. Freshly shucked oysters, suckling pig and a whole lamb on the spit, chocolate pudding and cheese were all on offer in decadent quantities.

And that is not to mention the beers - along with Trumer Pils, we had a couple of Bridge Road beers (including their braggot before it was released to the public), the latest batch of Mountain Goat's Fancy Pants, as well as Alpha Pale Ale and a special surprise from Dave and Karen at Red Hill - some of their Christmas Ale which had been aged in brandy barrels.

The dining room was transformed into a cavernous candlelit eatery (thanks mainly to Ange) with taxidermy adorning the walls (thanks to Jimmy's Dad) and ceramic goblets on the tables.

A big thanks to our very special guests - Jayne Lewis (Goat brewer extraordinaire), Ben Kraus (Founder, Brewer, Owner and clothes horse of Bridge Road Brewers) and Steve Jurisic (Calendar Cheese). And to Dave and Karen Golding from Red Hill Brewery for continuing to support us, not only by bringing a big crew, but also for their aged Christmas Ale which went down a treat when we could barely fit another thing in.

Thanks to Rich and his team in the kitchen for the delicious food and Becky and the front of house staff for ensuring the night ran smoothly.

And thanks to everyone who came along and made the night such a success. It is this kind of support which means we can continue to put these sort of events on. See below for the slideshow.

We're already looking forward, mouths watering, to the next one!


The Local Crew


  1. Was so sorry to have not been able to make it, the photos look fantastic! Glad to hear you'll be putting on another one, can't wait to go (yeah, and review, of course...).

  2. The reviews always make me nervous!

  3. Would've loved to have gone, but we were on holiday. Maybe next time (if there is one). When you gonna have the Beer Diva back?

  4. Hey Katja,

    We are looking at doing a Summer Feast but it's unlikely the Beer Diva will be hosting as it costs a lot of money to get her down (which means ticket prices are higher) and JJ and Richard did such a great job last time..

    Are you and Brian coming to the SpecTAPular on Saturday?