Friday, July 2, 2010

St Kilda weekly food specials ...mmm

King fish & vongole cooked in Bridge Road Chevalier Saison with pancetta and skordalia steamed in Bridge Road Chevalier Saison, the vongole make a rich flavoured sauce that coat the meaty king fish with conviction. The smokiness of the pancetta adds a slight variance to the dish and compliments the skordalia making it a well rounded seafood dish.

Porterhouse steak served on champ with Moo Brew Imperial Stout hollandaise. Hardy Irish style potatoes with fresh spring onions make a perfect accompaniment for the thick piece of grass fed beef porterhouse, with just the right amount of fat. Marry all this up with a quite innovative Moo Brew Imperial Stout hollandaise and you can truly taste what difference beer can make to a dish.

Pappardelle with Trumer Pils ratatouille fresh herbs and shaved Grana Padano. Stewed in Trumer Pils, the ratatouille becomes rich and floral, with a slight tang of bitterness that quickly fades with the sweetness of the peppers. When tossed through the papardelle, the ratatouille coats the pasta beautifully and makes quite a hardy vegetarian dish.

Pork & pistachio stuffed chicken rolled in pancetta and served on bread sauce and cranberry & Otway Estate Otway Stout Jus. The smoky malt flavours of the Otway Estate Otway Stout give the jus a very distinct tone that stays in the palate to be overtaken by the tartness of the cranberries. Sweetened with a Leffe Brune gastrique, the jus takes on a balance of flavours, delivering the complexity with every passing second. Complimented with the smoked pancetta and pork and pistachio stuffing, the chicken becomes a lot more interesting in flavour and in texture.

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