Friday, August 27, 2010

August Darlo Brewshare attracts big crowd

A record 50 home brewers turned out for the August Brewshare night in Darlo on Tuesday. There were 26 brews and 23 other supporters or home brew novices along to learn more about the craft.

IPA's were the chosen style and there were 21 tasty varieties along with 5 'open class' beers. As brewers jostled for votes in the early rounds the earth moved....a water main broke just up the road and water was cut off to The Local. Everyone bunkered down and resigned themselves to the fact that they would have to drink beer only - not a problem!

The event sponsor Dave from Dave's Home Brew took up a spot at the bar with Les as the home brewers rolled out their wares and interesting labels (JABBA THE HOPP was a favourite)to vie for the best beer on the night.

The Open Class title was taken out by Anthony Mills (Bones) with his hazelnut ale, Nut Job Farmer, and he took home a Rogue tasting paddle. The three beers that made the final round in the IPA category were John's Husky IPA, Kelly's Double IPA and Doc's Dark IPA.

Dave and Jordan then reclined in the chesterfield to decide the final placings, Kelly, John then Doc was the order. Kelly took home the $100 voucher from Dave's Home Brew. Thanks heaps again to Dave for sponsoring the night.

The popular vote for the beer style at next Brewshare was wheat beers and it will be on Tuesday 23 November. Click here to book.

Big thanks to everyone for their great support of the event.

Press play below for the slideshow..

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  1. A great night! Many thanks to Steve, Paul & Dave for running it & congrats to the winners. See you in November! Col