Friday, September 17, 2010

Darlo's first Beerista 101 with Jordan a hit

Well, I am very pleased to report that Beerista 101 is officially underway in Darlo. After great anticipation, preparation and conversing with (St Kilda's Beerista - Ange), I popped the proverbial cherry last Tuesday night.

Overwhelming demand left many thirsty enthusiasts to wait for next months session. It was a case of 'be quick or be dead' with the first 25 to book lining the downstairs bar for the inaugural event.

In short, we tasted and evaluated five great beers (across five styles), waxed lyrical on the flavour, origins and historical significance of said brews, played some beer specific trivia (for beery rewards) and had a pretty cheery time. My prerogative in all of this is to provide a friendly place to try new things and impart what I know about beer onto you, the thirsty enthusiast.

So, keep your mind sharp, palate honed, and finger on the pulse of our nations favourite poison.

See you in class! The second Tuesday each month..


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