Friday, September 10, 2010

St Kilda's delicious food specials...yum

Pan seared scallops with semi dried Roma tomatoes, roquette, Spanish morcilla and Leffe Blonde white Sauce
After cooking the scallops in a hot pan, we deglaze the sweet caramelised flesh left on the pan with some champagne vinegar. When the vinegar is reduced, we add the smooth & fruity Leffe Blonde to bring a variance in taste and also to give us a nice base for our sauce. To finish, we add some thickened cream and cook till it’s quite viscous. The smokiness of the morcilla really shines through the subtle flavour of the scallop and the tomatoes add a burst of freshness that compliment the bitter orange tones of the Leffe Blonde.

Chicken Kiev served with Lobethal double hopped IPA braised leeks and snow pea tendrils
The chicken breast is stuffed with a generous amount of herbed butter, and then double crumbed to hold it together. When you make the first cut in the crumbed breast, the whipped butter oozes out to coat the dish. The braised leeks are full of the hop flavour characteristic of the Lobethal and they also have quite a dry finish that is washed away with the fattiness of the butter. The beautiful, young pea tendrils are the perfect finish for this dish. With their fresh sweetness, they make this dish mouth watering.

Matilda Bay Alfa Pale Ale risotto made with beetroots, pine nuts and smooth goat’s curd
Beautifully presented with spring colours that jump out at you from the plate, this risotto is more than just a pretty face. The tangy goats curd acts as a perfect binder for what might be quite a sweet dish. To give some in between flavours, we chose the Alpha Pale Ale to act as a conduit between the tangy & sweet and add some bitterness to the mix. The toasty pine nuts add some texture and give us a very satisfying and complete meal.

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