Thursday, November 25, 2010

Darlo Brewshare another ripper

Another huge BrewShare homebrewer night was held at Darlo on Tuesday night. 34 people were on hand to sample and discuss their most recent home brewing success.

Home brewers came from far and wide, including first timer Danny who came in from the Hills District - two weeks after having surgery on both his knees! Needless to say the walk back to Central Station was easier after tasting some of the 27 home brews on offer. Danny has been home brewing since 1968 and has won prizes for his brews every year at various competitions.

The chosen style for the night was wheat beers with 19 entries split into two groups and 8 varieties in the Open Class. The winner selected in the Open Class was Regan whose Raspberry Sour Framboise was a run away winner. Two winners from the wheat groups on the night that made the final were Doc's Sonic Youth Dunkelweizen and Jon's Husky Hefe.

Dave and Jordan were left with the difficult task of voting on the two wheat beers. Doc's Sonic Youth Dunkelweizen was the Peoples Choice winner and took out the major prize of $100 voucher from Dave's Home Brew. Dave also provided $30 vouchers to Regan and Jon for their beers.

The date for the next event was set as 22 February with an all Open Class decided, so everyone can bring their favourite best of the best brews. Book via the Event Diary on our website.

Once again thanks to Dave's Home Brew for being a great sponsor and contributor for the BrewShare event.

Click below for the slideshow.


  1. As always, a wonderful event! Thanks for keeping keeping this up - keeps getting better and better!

  2. conflict of interest on the winner choice!
    Exactly which prizes has Danny been winning?