Sunday, December 12, 2010

The worse kind of beer cocktail

My brother is in Las Vegas at the moment and emailed me this photo explaining that in this particular establishment you can choose 7 different beers and they mix them all up in one bucket for you!! All class.


  1. Are you sure they don't just put 7 different bottles in a bucket of ice for you? I saw a bunch of places in the US that had a 'bulk buy' promo eg Buy 4 Coronas at once and they'll bring them on ice to your table.

    However, if it is in fact a 7-beer cocktail I say run away! Run away to The Local!


  2. You could be right Matt. I'm only passing on what I was told and it made a good story!

  3. It is 7 different bottles. A bucket o' beer it's called.

  4. So not mixed up?! It did sound a little strange at first..