Thursday, January 13, 2011

Announcing the imminent arrival of The Wilfrometer!

The Hopinator at the Wig & Pen in Canberra.

Randall, a Dogfish Head Brewery invention, is described by DFH as an "organoleptic hop transducer module"! For the rest of us, it's a filter we can connect to a tap and fill with flavour-enhancing ingredients.

We have been planning to introduce one of these in each of our venues for a long time and was going to wait until the St Kilda extensions are all complete but Wig & Pen Brewery have asked if their GABS beer can be run through the Randall and could we install it in time. The installation ain't a problem (it will take pride of place at the downstairs bars) but the deal when we purchased the unit was that we also had to give it a new name. The W&P call theirs the Hopinator and Mountain Goat call theirs Randy the Hopinator so they were out..

We wanted to make the name immediately identifiable with the Taphouses and with Wilfred being our Patron Saint, the Wilfrometer was what we (or Guy) came up with. While we like it (and Guy LOVES it), it's probably not locked in stone so post some suggestions below that somehow incorporate Wilfred and you may get lucky!

Wilfred at his station.

To learn more about the history of randalls, click here.


  1. Do you want your beer poured through Willie ?? ;-)

    How about;
    - HIM (herbaceous inducing module)
    - MILF (mysterious induction of lupulin & flavours)
    - iFLICK (Inline FLavour Injection Control Kit)


  2. Are you worried it may get the nickname 'The Willy'? It may give the wrong impression if you beer is poured through a Willy.

  3. Flavour Enhancing Tap ... F.E.T ... Fetishtick
    (might be a bit weird but right up there with previous comments)

    Brewscometer pronounced "brew-sc-om-ee-ter"

    Flavometer ... pronounced "flave-om-ee-ter"

  4. where can I buy such a lovely hopinator? thanks!

  5. I am a not aware of where you can buy them Bill. We had ours custom made..

  6. Hello Steve, I have been looking for this uni.. I wonder whether you hopinator is customized via a big sight glass?