Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anything better than this list of names for our Wilfrometer/Randall?! Deadline this Friday!

As per a previous post, we are running a fun comp to see who can come up with the best name for our existing beer filter/randall.

Below is what various people have come up with so far. Can you come up with something better before this Friday's deadline? If we pick it, you will win a beer and food matching dinner for two worth about $200.

If you have a favourite from this existing list, please let us know too!

• The Long John Filter
• The Off-Kilter Filter
• Longpoke Correctional Facility
• Stairway to Hopven
• The Tinwilly
• Bruiser the Infuser
• The Permeate Mate
• The Imbue-Ya-Brew
• The Glass Canoe
• The Flux Capacitor
• The long and the short of it
• Flavourmatic
• Infuse-o-mat
• The freshmaker
• The Wilfiltrator
• The Flux Incapacitator
• The Beer Genie
• IT (as in Cousin It!)
• The es(ter)oteric phenolifier
• The Enhancer
• The Flavourator
• Smooth Hoperator
• The Flavour-nator
• W.I.L.F. - Widget for the Infusion of Luscious Flavours
• The middle-man
• Turbo
• Supercharger
• Superawesomebeerenflavourinator
• Beerfuser
• Beer Bandit
• The Beer Doctor
• 'Flavanatrix'
• HIM (herbaceous inducing module)
• MILF (mysterious induction of lupulin & flavours)
• iFLICK (Inline FLavour Injection Control Kit)
• Flavour Enhancing Tap ... F.E.T ... Fetishtick
• Brewscometer pronounced "brew-sc-om-ee-ter"
• Flavometer ... pronounced "flave-om-ee-ter"


  1. B.O.B - Beer, Only Better

  2. The Fusion Chamber (or the Infusion Chamber, depending)
    the Intertube.
    Pour Taste Accessory.
    Oh, "Mr Fusion", from Back to the Future.
    Marty McFlavour. Biff Tannins. Doc Brew'n.
    Ok, that's probably enough of that.

  3. The "containment unit"

  4. FI - (Flavour Injector)
    Johnny 5

  5. call it Craig Wang, anyone can make up a name at means something! be an enigma

  6. After a very short think about this I reckon "The Appendage" would be an appropriate name for your new Wilfrometer/Randall/Infuser. Cheers.

  7. 'Brewser / Bruiser the Infuser' is pretty cool I reckon!

  8. IPOS (Infuser at Point Of Sale)
    IPOS (Infusion at Point Of Sale)
    IPOD (Infusion at Point Of Dispensing)
    IPOP (Infusion at Point Of Pour)
    POSI (Point Of Sale Infuser)

  9. DR WILRED’S FLAVOUR DISCOMBOBULATOR or Dr Disco for short....(or Dr Flave if you’re are a Public Enemy fan

  10. I reckon both venues should have seperate name:
    St Kilda;
    Saint Wilfrometer (half credits to Guy :P)
    Saint Wilfrandall.


    Wilfrandall for both venues.

  11. I know I'm late, but I'm surprised no one suggested the Beerometer.