Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can you come up with a better name for the Wilfrometer?

While we thought the Wilfrometer was a pretty good name for our new beer filter, a number of people have suggested they could come up with something much better. Some pointedly asked why you would want to pour a beer through a Willy? Well, as Guy pointed out, if you're a bloke it'd going to go through one at some stage anyway!

So.. we're going to have a comp. If someone comes up with a name we like better than the Wilfrometer, we'll humbly accept defeat and reward that person with a beer and food matching dinner for two worth about $200.

I don't want to restrict creativity but we don't want the name to reference hops as there are many other non-hop ingredients we will be putting in it.

Post your suggestions below. We need to finalise a name before Friday Feb 4th.

Good luck!


  1. The Long John Filter
    The Off-Kilter Filter
    Longpoke Correctional Facility
    Stairway to Hopven
    The Tinwilly

  2. We're off to a great start Joe. Keep the ideas coming!

    Just a reminder to avoid hops or hop-related terms in the name.

  3. The Permeate Mate
    The Imbue-Ya-Brew
    The Glass Canoe
    The Flux Capacitor

  4. Steve Perhaps you've answered your own question with simply "Pour Willie" which will end up reading on the menu board as...

    Pour Willie's - dry roasted nuts in Lobethal Firetruck porter
    Pour Willie's - red plums in taddy porter
    Pour Willie's - galaxy confusion infusion
    Pour Willies - Mint Ninja and lichees
    Pour Willie's - long black coffee infused Temptress
    Pour Willie's - sour Feral Runt
    Pour Willie's - pride of Ringwood steamer
    Pour Willie's - Caramel elephant trunk
    Pour Willie's- lemon Redback
    Pour Willie's - strawberry saison
    Pour Willie's - lost Horizon Alpha pale
    Pour Willie's - Punch and Judy fuggles arrousal ale

    ... I'm sure you get the idea.

  5. the long and the short of it

  6. Flavourmatic
    The freshmaker!

  7. Pinching spongeboy's idea
    The Flux Incapacitator
    The Beer Genie
    IT..."what is that? That is IT. What do you do with IT? We run beer through IT"

  8. The Enhancer ...

    The Flavourator ...

  9. Smooth Hoperator

  10. Smooth Hoperator

  11. Put a blonde wig around it and call it Cousin IT...

  12. With a nod to Arnie I'm going with
    "The Flavour-nator" ... 'I'll be back'.

  13. I was wondering where your suggestion was Prof!

  14. Hey Steve, as you know I'm actually a big fan of The Wilfrometer as a name! The fact that the unit itself is kinda shaped like a terminators head and I could see it with a pair of bikies Ray Bans stuck on the front led me to my next best choice.

  15. W.I.L.F. - Widget for the Infusion of Luscious Flavours

  16. Injecterator Injectomatic (maybe not great given yr location in StKilda)
    Addinator Add-o-matic or just Adam colloquially
    Impregnator. Oops that one might scare a few off
    Sucker (maybe she/he could have a name too, Sally/Sammy Sucker) .... Hop Sucker, Coffee Sucker, Mint Sucker.... you get it.
    Well that's enough silliness. Good Luck.

  17. The Tastinator (full name: The Tastinator 3000)

  18. The Saint Kilda Filter
    The hopping ale themobulator
    The earth shattering kaboom!
    The puckermatic
    The aroma toner...