Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Randalls are officially christened... The Funky Brewster

Thanks to everyone for their suggested names for our Randall beer filter but it was Guy and his wife Claudia who came up with the winning name.

We ultimately wanted an easy and short name that references beer/brew etc and preferably not including a hop reference as we'll be putting far more than that in them.

While Brewser the Infuser was our early fave we discovered that the name was already being used in the US. So, without further ado we christen both our Randalls............ The Funky Brewster or The Funky Brewster Booster (GG’s addition).

So there you have it! It will be tried officially for the first time this Saturday at GABS when we will have Wig & Pen's berliner weisse pouring through Morello cherries in the downstairs bars.

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