Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little Daylesford beer secret that has be told

We have been toying for some time with the idea of opening the downstairs "bocce room" for breakfasts - at least on weekends - when we open it next door (hopefully Aug/Sept) in St Kilda. Since experiencing a beer breakfast in Brussels years ago, I have been always wanted to find a way for the Taphouses to sell beers from breakfast time too while perhaps offering up some fun beer/food matches too.

Well we'd be hard pressed to beat the experience Guy, myself and our wives had at Breakfast & Beer in Daylesford last weekend. This cosy bar/cafe opened several years ago and I visited and met the original owner - Stefan - then. Now owned by Chef Ben, it remains a fantastic beer destination in regional Victoria (there was good beer found in a few places we visited in Daylesford. Surely a great sign). We had a delicious breakfast washed down with a weizenbock. Guy even stated the breakfast was the best he'd ever had. Now that's a big wrap as Guy knows his breakfasts ;-)

You must check it out when in the area or just make the journey anyway and tell Ben we sent you. If it's too hard for a regular visit, rest assured that our plans remain to try and do something similar. If we're half as good, we'd be happy.

While Ben's got the country air, at least we will have an indoor bocce court. Beer, Breakfast & Bocce!


  1. I share your love for Breakfast&Beer! I am always keen to stop in there when I'm in the area. However, it can be a rather difficult place to score a table...because it is so small yet so popular. Nonetheless, the place has fanstastic character, the beer is beautiful and the food is fantastic. Cheers!

  2. Oh My God !! lovely your weekend Dinner and perfect this post .It looks so delicious. really i love beer and nice your thought for beer. interesting details shared in the post. amazing