Friday, May 20, 2011

More feedback like this please!

When you put so much effort into making an event work, it feels bloody good when you turn on your computer the morning after to receive an email such as this from James, who attended Brewers & Chewers, one of our Good Beer Week events. It makes the huge effort by all the managers and staff worth it.

Congratulations on Brewers & Chewers!

It was truly a sensational night, simply because it was so well run and coordinated. The event concept was genius, the staff were all wonderful and efficient, the beers were awesome and the crowd size was spot on.

Overall, it has been the best Good Beer Week event that I have attended so far. (It was actually the first event of the whole week where I actually felt like I was at a GBW event!)

Jenn and I thank you very much for accommodating our dietary needs. We really appreciate the consideration and effort.

Please do it all again, on many occasions!


James Davidson

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  1. And another bit of feedback:

    Thank-you so much for the night that was the brewers & chewers. At first on hearing about this event I was very excited about the concept. Though as the Dinner came closer anxiety and a feeling of intimidation crept in. What would I say? Would the brewers be even interested in what I had to contribute? Well I can say all fears were quickly put to rest by how well the night was ran. Right from the very first minute the fantastic staff had us seated, drink in hand and relaxed. All of the special guests were very welcoming to questions and insightful in their response. They even seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as us.( Who dosen't like talking about themselves) It really did feel like a community all sharing the same passion. Not only was it easily one of the best nights out I've ever had I also got learn quite a bit too.

    Thank-you and Well Done!