Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crew from Northern Brew @ Darlo for a Beerista Extravaganza

Jordan the Beerista took a crew of about 50 thirsty punters on a journey through the quality craft beers we have on tap a couple of weeks ago. This event was organised by Alan and Anne Fraser who operate Northern Brew. They had been wanting to organise a road trip up to Darlo for a while but were unsure if they would be able to get the numbers. By how quickly they got the numbers up for this event, it looks like 2 buses will be organised for the next trip. Hats off to Alan and Anne for organising the event. We hope you enjoyed your day. Here is Jordan's run down of the day (in true Jordan format as well)

"Last Sunday started a little differently to most. The Louvre Room (restaurant) usually buzzes with the hungry 'Host a Roast' action but made way for the biggest Beerista 101 session to date. Fifty 'keen students' made their way up from Wollongong for the session. Upon hearing that they were all 'industry insiders and home brewers I was (a) a little daunted and (b) keen to utilise some of the interstellar options of the day's tap list to excite and awake their jaded palates.

When a tasting session kicks off with the Bright Brewery's Topaz Harvest Lager it can be safely assumed that this will be no ordinary ride. The stakes must be upped with each brew! Accompanying each beer with a little back story, I try to impart a nicely rounded view of both the style and the beer itself on the enthusiastic mob. They ate it up (and rather predictably drank it up too) devouring Paulaner Salvator, Brewdog Hardcore IPA, Mike's Imperial Stout and finishing with the abominable Rex Attitude from our mates the Yeastie Boys.

'Beer Bitches' tied with the 'Bolli Bastards' in the Beerista 101 trivia which then required a blind tasting to confirm a winner. On this day, the 'Beer Bitches' came out victorious (don't they always?). Everyone enjoyed another of their personal favourite of the day and enlightened, refreshed (and a little light headed) we had an awesome and kinda raucous day. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday aye bro!

For information about booking your own Beerista 101-style event please email us or talk to Nicki our Functions Manager.

Our regular Beerista 101 sessions are held on the second Tuesday of each month with Jordan for $15. For information and to book visit our website's Event Diary.


  1. By all accounts the day was truly a memorable one (although some remember a little less than others). Thanks to Jordan "the beerista extraordinaire", Jimmy "the man at the top" and Nicki who helped us greatly to organize such a big day. We will definitely organize another Taphouse tour from the Gong and would recommend it highly as a great day out.
    Cheers Alan and Anne Fraser, Northern Brew

  2. Thanks for the great feedback. I will make sure those mentioned hear about it!